Snowdrop Snowdrop

The start of spring is my favourite time of year and although it is still so very cold outside at the moment, the first snowdrops remind us that it won’t be long until the warmer weather is here.

Today has been all about the snowdrop song – one of the blessings of parenting Steiner educated children is seasonality of their songs – the gentle rhythm following the ebb and flow of the year.

Snowdrop song


Snowdrop Snowdrop little drops of snow

What do you do when the cold wind blows

I hang my little head and say

cold wind cold wind go away

Snowdrop snowdrop dressed in green and white

What do you do when the sun shines bright?

I raise my little head and say

Ding-a-ling Ding-a-ling here comes Spring!

Seamless Joins

One of my New Year goals had been to make time for some grown up craft so for today’s Make it Monday I’d like to share my new crochet discovery: seamless joins.

I’m part way through making the retro spot blanket for my littlest one and those annoying bobbles when joining have been annoying me.


See it there in the picture above? It’s only tiny I know but it still bugs me.

So today while youngest one flopped on the sofa feeling poorly, I flicked through the Moogly blog until I found this YouTube video. Perfect!

I’ve only had time to do one round with this technique (being scrambled on upon by poorly toddler isn’t conducive to crochet work) but I’m pleased with the result, looky look:

Just wish I’d found it earlier!

We’ll be back next Monday with some more toddler friendly craft.

Ergo Baby Carrier in Stock in Exeter

ergo_baby_carrierVery excited to receive a huge delivery of ErgoBaby Carriers.  Lots of boxes with lots of new stock so I’ve been busy unpacking, sorting and best of all playing.

We’ve added the Ergo Baby Carrier 360 to our product range – allowing you to carry your baby in 4 different ways, all of them in the correct ergonomic babywearing position.

ergo360_frontAlso perfect for the current weather are the very practical and useful babywearing covers – they can be used on your front or your back and are a great way to keep your little one protected from the weather.  I used one with both my daughters to keep the dry in the rain (both Bristol and Exeter are rather wet cities) if I didn’t want to take a huge coat out with us.

If you are in Exeter or nearby, do get in touch if you’d like to try one out – or buy your Ergo Baby Carrier online from our retail site.

I love the ErgoBaby Carrier – it is the sling that overall we have used the most as a family – we carried our older daughter until she was over 4.5 years in one, so it was great value for us.




Sling Meets in Exeter

girasol_230x230The Natural Nursery is delighted to be able to support Exeter Sling Meet.

Sling Meets are a fantastic way of finding out more about babywearing, whether you are an experienced baby carrier user, looking for a newborn stretchy wrap carrier or want to try on a few carriers before splashing out on a new one.

It’s also a lovely social occasion – lots of room inside and out for children to play and a chance to meet local mummies (and the odd babywearing dad).

Exeter Sling Meets happen every month, usually on the second Friday of the month (please see the note re January’s meet below).

We meet at the Children’s Garden, 80 Merrivale Road, St Thomas, from 10-noon.  It’s just off Buddle Lane (go up Saville Row, opposite Bubble It laundrette).

There is limited on road parking nearby and it is close to bus stops for the A, E and F routes.

Gill from the Sling Library attends the meets too, so there is a huge range of carriers and slings to try and hire for a small fee.

We do ask for a donation of £2 per family – it helps to cover the room hire cost – this does include tea and coffee and there are usually cakes too.

Arabella usually has real nappy demo kits for you to look at and bits and bobs to buy – flushable liners, reusable wipes etc so you can stock up too.

You can follow along on Facebook too –


The January meet will take place on Friday 16th, ie the THIRD Friday of the month.


Half Price Beco Infant Inserts

Beco Soleil Infant InsertFantastic offer on Beco Soleil Infant inserts – half price on selected designs.

The Infant Insert quickly and easily adapts the Beco Soleil Carrier into a baby sling for a newborn.

Save £9.50 on selected colours at The Natural Nursery this week.


On the 12th day of Christmas


Although I love decorating the house for Christmas, I am secretly a little glad when 6th January comes and we can pack it all away until December.

I do like spend half an hour salvaging bits to reuse for craft projects; some during the year and some for our Advent crafts.

This box has the fronts of Christmas cards, scraps from crackers, party hats and other sparkly bits that we will use to make gift tags from with recycled ribbons to tie them on with.

It’s not much in the sea of recycling and rubbish but it does salve my conscience a bit and gives us lots of fun later in the year.


Baby and Children’s Market Feb 2015

If you are looking for some bargains, then the ever popular Baby and Children’s Market is for you. toddler tula baby carrier

There are over 40 stalls, a great mix of pre loved and exciting new products, so you are sure to find some amazing deals.

I’ve bought gorgeous wooden toys before, including an amazing bargain of a hardly used tool bench, complete with saws, hammers, nails, screws, bolts etc for only £3!

The Natural Nursery will be there, with a range of super cute real nappies for you to see first hand just how easy it is to save hundreds of £s by making the switch to cloth.

There will also be a range of baby slings  and baby carriers for you to try out – from stretchy wraps to the ever popular Toddler sized Tula Carrier.

The next market is 7th February, at St James School, 9.30-11.30 – you can find out more on the Facebook page.

It’s my birthday!

And no, I’m not going to tell you how old I am.

I’m spending the day relaxing with family and friends but I’d like to share the birthday cheer by offering 10% off over the whole site.

No need for pesky codes, the discount is applied automatically for you.

That means you could by a new Tula toddler carrier for under £100 including free UK postage.

See you next week when I’m a year older.

New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2015 is a peaceful year full of joy for you and your family.

As ever, I start the year full of good intentions, this time mostly centred around filing. I promise, promise that I will be better at it this year.

What promises have you made yourself as we start this year?

Tula Baby Carrier Review

tula toddler carrier

Tula Toddler Carrier

We know how fantastic the Tula baby carrier is (we use the toddler carrier with our 3 year old) but it is always great to know just how much our customers love them too.

This is one of the reviews we have had recently:

“Beautiful carrier, well worth the price. The padding makes it very comfortable for my daughter and for me, and I love the little touches, such as the integral bands to wrap up the excess straps so they don’t flap around when walking. The pocket on the belt is really useful, too. Very happy with the service from Natural Nursery, too.”

Buy toddler Tula Carrier in the UK.