Protecting your Ergo baby back carrier with the sucking pads

ergo baby back carrier

ergo baby back carrier

If you use a baby wrap or a ring sling, popping them in the washing machine with your regular laundry is easy.

Your baby back carrier or an Asian baby carrier will last longer if you spot clean it and wash it only sporadically. Hand wash you baby sling or use the washing machine on a very gentle cycle according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

To protect your Ergo baby back carrier when baby is dribbling or teething, Ergo has designed these very clever sucking pads. The soft pads velcro around the shoulder straps of your baby back carrier at the level of your baby’s face. Your baby can chew, suck, dribble away, your Ergo baby carrier is protected.

Take them off, pop them in the washing machine. You can even buy two pairs of Ergo sucking pads to make sure you always have one handy! Babywearing made easy.