Super cute! The doll & teddy baby backpack

baby backpack for dollies

baby backpack for dollies

Cute cute cute is all I would say about this doll baby backpack! Actually I will say more but cute is the first thing that comes to mind.

This adorable baby backpack is actually not for babies but for dolls & teddies (it will also happily accommodate elephants, and monkeys, but not baby brothers…).

It is made to the same high quality standard as the Ergo baby carrier and is even easier to use. You can slip teddy in its little pocket inside to keep it comfy and secure. This baby backpack for dollies was designed by Karin Frost, the designer of the Ergo baby carrier with the cooperation of her son Keala & his friends. It is designed to fit children from 3 to 6 year-old.

It’s not just because it’s cute that we decided to bring the doll baby backpack to Natural Nursery. Being able to copy mummy and daddy looking after a younger sibling can help a child deal with the emotions attached to the arrival of a new baby in the family. Somewhere in their little mind, it also plants the seed that carrying your babies is the ‘normal’ way of looking after them, and hopefully, when comes the time for them to have their own children, they will remember it and choose to ‘babywear’.

A great new baby gift  for an older sibling!

Do you have photos of your children carrying their soft toys? Send them over, we would love to share a gallery of babywearing children.