New to Natural Nursery, the Napsack baby carrier

Napsack Baby carrier

Napsack Baby carrier

The Napsack baby carrier has just arrived at Natural Nursery. You will find an exhaustive description on the website and here is a review of the Napsack baby carrier by Anne, a mum of two.

Before I say anything else, I have to confess that I’m a big fan of baby wraps, especially for young babies. I owned other types of baby slings but never really got around to using them. After my second child was born, a lovely mum kindly gave me a Napsack baby carrier. My immediate reaction was WOW, WOW, WOW!

The Napsack was so comfortable!
Easy to put on: I managed to pop a sleeping baby in without waking him up. If you know how to tie an apron, you know how to use the Napsack.
Comfortable for baby: The hourglass shape of the mei tai body wraps around the baby to support his back.
Comfortable for me: That’s the other originality of the Napsack baby carrier, the straps are shaped and spread the weight effectively around my back, shoulders and hips. I suffer from back pain so that was really important for me.
Versatile: I like baby slings that fit me (size small) and my partner (size XXXL)! I started using it when my son was a newborn and I’m still using it now he’s more than two. You can fold the mei tai to shorten the body for a baby or extend it for a toddler.
Perfect for naps: the top of the baby carrier is curved which comes high enough behind the baby’s neck to support it when he sleeps.

Have I mentioned how pretty they are? The classic colour combinations of the Napsack baby carrier fit everything in my wardrobe.