Travelling with the children: a baby sling and other hot tips…

baby slingBecoming parents has certainly slowed down our travelling. It is not just that travelling is a bit of a mission with children. Staying home with the children is never boring. From the children’s point of view, a trip to the local farm is an adventure in itself.

With many of our relatives living far away, hardly two months go by without us jetting off somewhere for the weekend.

Here are a few things we have learned over the last two years of travelling with a baby:

  • Breastfeed as long as you can: Food for the little one is always ready even when the plane is delayed by a few hours. Breastfeeding babies during take-off and landing also stop their little ears hurting. Don’t worry too much about flying with small children, the white noise of the plan engine often puts them to sleep offering you a peaceful journey.
  • Use a baby sling. A baby sling is one of the essential items for smooth travelling and once you have arrived to your destination. You don’t have to worry about the buggy not being delivered to the aircraft door when you land. If you are connecting planes, the buggy is often transferred straight to your second flight, living you to carry your child through the long corridors. Buggies are often damaged during transport too while you can keep your baby sling with you. I have found myself a few times walking up and down the aisle with a fractious baby in the baby wrap to put her to sleep. The baby wrap provided her with a familiar feeling which gave her the reassurance she needed to doze off. A Godsend!
  • Bribes, bribes, bribes: bring plenty of biscuits. Oat biscuits are a good choice as they keep them full for longer and avoids the sugar rush which can make them over-excited. For the same reason, bring some water (within the limits allowed) and avoid sugary drinks. Fruit make easy snacks as well.
  • Let them run around whenever you can. The children have to sit still for a long time while they are in the plane. While you’re waiting, give them a chance to stretch their legs. Most airports have a play area with crayons or toys.
  • Keep the bare minimum hand luggage. It is easier to take care of the children if your hands aren’t full with luggage.
  • Tag your tots. There is no worse feeling than turning around for a split second and not being able to spot your child. It happens so quickly. Plan ahead and get a wristband where you can write your mobile number.
  • Choosing a seat by the window goes a long way to keep the toddlers entertained: seeing the plane take off and land, seeing how the plane slows down after landing, spot the colours or talk about the clouds…

We hope that you find these few tips on travelling with the children helpful. We would love to hear from you, what are you super-tips for smooth travelling?

Photo credits: Calin Bleu