The ‘babywearing’ coat to wear over your baby sling

A coat to wear over any baby sling

A coat to wear over any baby sling

Wrap up warm this autumn and Winter with the Ergo baby baby carrying coat!

This coat is especially designed to be worn over a baby sling. The soft grey fleece has a smooth lining so it slips over the baby sling easily. It is also reversible, you can wear it when your baby is on your front or on your back. Designed by ErgoBaby, it can be worn over any baby sling.

The fabric of this coat is perfect to protect you and your baby from the rain and the cold. It is both cozy and incredibly lightweight. The ERGO Baby Papoose Coat is the perfect solution for the cooler seasons. It will keep you and your baby warm together, and can also be worn as a maternity coat.

The baby carrying coat is adjustable for the size of your baby and wraps around the neck and shoulders for maximum warmth. Since you and your baby generate heat there is no need to wear many layers underneath.

The sleeves are designed intentionally long to protect you when it’s really cold and can be rolled up. The width is designed to accommodate the legs of the child when it’s carried in the baby sling. The one-size coat is suitable for all parents.

Have you tried the baby carrying coat? Let us know what you thought of it, and we love to see your photos!