Using your baby slings on your back

baby-slings1Most baby slings can be used to carry your baby on your back, at least that’s what it says in the product description. However becoming confident enough to carry your baby on your back when you’re out and about and others are looking can feel a bit daunting. Many parents give up and resort to using a buggy. It doesn’t need to be so, learning to carry your baby on your back takes a bit of practice but once you get used to it, it gives you a great sense of freedom and comfort.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Choose your baby sling carefully. Make sure that it is suitable for your baby’s age. For example, the Ergo baby backpack is suitable from birth for front carriers with the insert and can be used on the back only from 6 months.

Read your baby sling instructions carefully, take the time to watch some videos on the internet.

Take your time. Don’t try to rush and do it as quickly a possible, it would only make you and your baby nervous and flustered.

Learn step by step. First pop your baby on your back without a baby sling, just the motion of placing your baby on your back as -you would play with your baby. Both you and your baby how his weight feels on your back, where he’s positioned, what feels the most natural…

Practice on a soft surface with another adult around. It doesn’t necessarily help if the person tries to hold the child on your back or help you with your baby sling but they can help make sure that your baby is safe.

Choosing a key phrase like ‘lie down’ and repeat it regularly will slowly teach your baby to sit still while you are getting him in the baby slings. You’ll be surprised how quickly this technique can help quieten the ‘wrigglest’ toddlers.

This is just the start… keep reading for more tips on how to use your baby slings on your back.