It’s cold out there! Baby Slings to wrap up warm.

calin-bleu-baby-slingsIt is still pretty cold out there! Going out with your baby is difficult when you’re worried about the rain, the snow, the cold, the wind (or all of them pretty much at the same time!). You may wonder if your baby will be cold.

Time to get yourself a Calin Bleu fleece baby sling!

Made of ultra light micro fleece, the Calin Bleu baby slings have many advantages:

  • Ultra light fleece to make sure you’re just comfortable: not too cold, not too hot.
  • No need for a bulky coat, just pop your coat over your baby.
  • No need for a bulky baby snow suit, the fleece counts as one layer.
  • Some warm baby socks and a baby hat are all you need.
  • Easy to use, the perfect baby sling to learn to wrap your baby.
  • Easy to care for, pop it in the washing machine. It dries so quickly you don’t need to tumble dry it.
  • Perfect for reflux babies, can be wiped down until the next wash.
  • Extremely soft, softer than most micro fleece you will have ever seen.
  • Suitable for children with sensitive skin.
  • No buckle, no rings, easy to adjust.
  • One size baby sling can easily be used by parents of different sizes.
  • Durable, it can be used with a second baby
  • Light (less than 500g), can be kept in your handbag or the bottom of the buggy
  • So light it can be worn indoors.
  • Lovely new baby gift.
  • Double as a changing mat if need be when you’re out and about.
  • Made in the UK
  • Come with a colour booklet and step by step instructions.

And now the Calin Bleu baby slings are even more affordable than ever. Starting at £29.50 for the plain fleece baby slings and only £34.50 for the designer fleece baby slings.