Today’s tip: buying the right size for your baby wrap

baby-wrapA baby wrap is a long piece of cloth, especially chosen to carry your baby. There are no buckles, no rings. The very simple design gives you flexibility to carry your baby anyway you want. You just wrap the fabric around you and pop the baby in.

Whether you carry your baby on your front, on your back or for breastfeeding, it will be much easier if you choose your baby wrap‘s size carefully. Your baby sling should be just long enough to wrap around you easily without leaving long tails behind you. You could trip over or they could get caught. It should be long enough so you can carry in all the positions you wish to use.

A stretchy baby sling – like the Calin Bleu fleece baby wrap – will usually come in one size. The tails are tapered in order to be very thin at the end. You can easily wrap the fabric one more time around your waist and tie in the front or on the side.

If you and your partner are of very different size and could use baby slings of different sizes, it’s best to choose the shorter size.┬áThe smaller parent will find it much easier to use the baby sling if it’s not too long. The larger parent can use another baby carrying position which uses less fabric, like the simple wrap carry.