Tips about making your baby wrap more comfortable

baby-wrapBaby wraps can have a bit of a learning curve but once you have mastered the art of wrapping your baby, they are incredibly comfortable baby slings. Here are some of our tips to make your baby wrap more comfortable.

Choose your baby wrap carefully. If your baby is a newborn or you’re shopping while you’re pregnant, stretchy wraps are a lovely option. They are easy to use, especially for breastfeeding and feel snug. If you’re baby is more than six months old or for a toddler and you wish to have one wrap to take you until toddlerhood, then a woven wrap would be a better purchase. All baby slings have their advantages and drawbacks. Having the baby wrap that is best suited to how you would like to use it will be much easier.

Read the instructions and the manufacturer’s information carefully. Most manufacturers will recommend one carry as the easiest to start. It might vary depending on the type of baby wrap. For back carries, the secured back carry is much easier for stretchy wraps than other types of back carries. The pocket carry is easier with a stretchy wrap and trickier with a woven wrap.

Wash your baby wrap once or twice. Make sure you double check the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Some wraps can be tumble dried, others are best lined dry. Some will be soft right out of the packet, others will need softening. The best way to soften your baby wrap is to use it. You can also sit on it any time you sit down, in the car, on the sofa, at the computer, at diner… Some babywearers also recommend braiding the wrap, basically knotting it over and over until the fabric softens. A soft baby wrap will be much easier to use.

Think of your baby wrap as three thirds: the top hem, the middle and the bottom hem. When we say ‘tighten the top hem’ it’s not just the top hem but the top third of the wrap. The bottom hem keeps the baby in place and high on your back, support your baby’s thighs wide apart. The middle third forms a pocket for his bottom and his rounded back. The top hem holds the baby snuggly against you. He doesn’t back, which would force you to lean forward to compensate. Neither of you would be comfortable. When all three parts of the baby wrap are adjusted properly, you are able to stand straight with no discomfort to either of you.

Apply these tips and your baby sling should feel a lot more comfortable. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch, we’re here to help.