Babywearing Tips – The M Position in the Manduca Carrier

Developed by a babywearing instructor and mum in Germany, the manduca organic baby carrier is incredibly comfortable for both wearer and baby.

The manduca baby carrier is a soft structured carrier which grows with your child from birth to pre-school, making days out easier and more fun. Safe baby wearing guidelines recommend babies should be carried close enough to kiss and in the all-important M position.

The M position corresponds to a baby’s natural position and helps their hips mature as nature intended.

Your baby’s knees are pulled up – often as high as the tummy button so that their legs and bottom form a capital M.

This is the orthopedically ideal position for baby wearing because your baby’s hips are tilted slightly forwards, their back is very slightly rounded and under less pressure, and their thighs are supported completely but they can move their lower legs freely.

Manduca Baby Carrier M Position

Baby wearing in this position can help prevent hip dysplasia and it encourages your baby’s still immature hip sockets to develop naturally. Pregnant women often intuitively adopt this position when trying to relax and get comfortable.

To help your baby sit comfortably in the ‘M’ position, there are deep, hidden tucks in the seat of the Manduca carrier in the picture that support your baby. The extra wide seat base supports the baby’s thighs.

Very young or small babies are placed a little higher in the built-in newborn pouch, with their legs tucked up in front of them inside the carrier, so they are not artificially forced into a splits position.

The Manduca Carrier comes in 4 colours, black, olive, red and sand and has a versatile matching pouch and harness protectors.

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