Beautiful New Gauze Wrap Sling Colours from Calin Bleu

Calin Bleu Slings at the Natural NurseryThe Natural Nursery are excited to have in stock, two new colours for Calin Bleu Cool Wrap Baby Carriers.

Ocean Teal and Midnight Grey are fashionable, stylish colours, gender neutral and great for all year round!

Ocean Blue Calin Bleu Sling at the Natural Nursery

The Cool wrap baby carrier spreads the weight evenly around your back, both shoulders and hips, making it easy to carry your baby from birth to toddler. It is light, breathable, compact.

A wrap baby sling made from a single, long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and baby to give a secure, comfortable fit, allowing you to keep your baby close to you.

Calin Bleu gauze wrap baby slings are simple, stylish baby carriers suitable for use from birth right the way through to a toddler sling.

 Ocean Teal Calin Bleu Baby Wrap Sling at the Natural Nursery
The wraparound baby sling is made from 100% cotton gauze, a light yet strong fabric that is great for all seasons.  The baby sling can be easily popped into a bag, under a buggy or stowed in the car, ready for use when you want to carry your baby.
The wrap sling is easy to put on and is perfect for babywearing as it can be used as a:
  • Front carrier
  • Hip carrier
  • Back carrier
  • Breastfeeding sling
Calin Bleu wraparound baby slings are designed and made in the UK to allow both parents to use the same baby sling, even if they are different sizes. Wrap baby slings are comfortable for parents with back problems as the sling spreads the weight evenly across both shoulders, the back and the hips

Calin Bleu cool wrap baby carrier comes in two sizes. Size M will fit up to women’s dress size 16 and is around 4.6m long. Size L is a longer sling and measures around 5.2m, so is suitable for larger or taller babywearers.
If the parents are of different sizes, it is better to choose the shorter (medium) sling as the smaller parent may be swamped by the excess fabric and the taller parent will be able to adapt baby carrying positions to suit.
The soft gauze fabric is machine washable and line dries very quickly though it can be tumbled if necessary.
Each Calin Bleu baby sling comes with a colour instruction booklet detailing some of the most popular baby wearing styles, including the cross wrap carry, the hip carry, the hammock and breastfeeding positions.
Calin Bleu baby wraps have been recommended in Pregnancy Baby and You, Juno, I’m Pregnant, Practical Parenting, Your Family and many other parenting magazines.