10 Unusual Ways Your Calin Bleu Baby Sling Can Come In Handy…

calin BleuThe Calin Bleu is a simple baby sling. It is made of a simple piece of fabric, especially selected, dyed, cut, and hemmed to guarantee the parent and the baby’s safety and comfort. However, the Calin Bleu can come in handy in so many other ways..

  1. a play mat: fold your Calin Bleu in four and it makes an instant play mat for baby. Left as it and it forms a brilliant a highway for a toddler’s cars (or is it a landing strip at the airport?)
  2. a picnic blanket: the baby sling offers plenty of space for salads, sandwiches and everyone to sit on. No need to worry about stains and crumbs, it can easily be washed in the washing machine.
  3. an improvised changing mat: no matter how well-prepared, there are always those dreaded occasions when one needs a changing mat when none is to be found! The Calin Bleu doubles as a convenient changing mat.
  4. a burping cloth: when out and about, the Calin Bleu can be used as an emergency burping cloth, therefore avoiding walking around the rest of the day with a smelly top.
  5. a make shift curtain: worried that the bright light will wake up baby from his nap? Just pop the Calin Bleu over the window.
  6. a sun protection in the car or in the buggy: make sure that the baby wrap is folded over several times to offer sufficient sun protection.
  7. a beach dress: since the baby wrap can be wrapped around the body to carry the baby, it can also double as an improvised beach dress or towel.
  8. a blanket: when baby is cold in the buggy, the Calin Bleu can be folded several times to serve as a blanket. Do not use in a cot or in the car. Make sure that the baby does not get tangled in the fabric.
  9. a doll carrier: older siblings love role playing and pretending to be mum or dad to their teddies or dollies.
  10. Ten is up to you… how will you use your Calin Bleu baby sling?