Learning to use a baby sling with a Calin Bleu

calin-bleuClose your eyes for an instant and imagine your baby’s head snuggled up against your chest, his little body tucked up against you in the baby sling. Imagine for an instant meeting up with friends for coffee, getting on the bus without worrying if there is space for your pram. Imagine walking home without worrying that your baby will wake up when you lift him out of the car seat.

Sounds ideal and unrealistic? Well it doesn’t have to be. Using a baby sling for your baby will allow you to keep your hands free. You can keep your baby snuggled up against you and continue doing the things you like doing, inside or outside the house. The Calin Bleu is an excellent baby sling to learn to carry your baby.

The Calin Bleu is extremely soft. The fabric has been especially chosen and dyed in to preserve the fibre’s natural flexibility. The fabric moulds around your baby and your body without creating pressure.

It provides excellent support. The fabric forms wide straps over your shoulder, your back and around your hips to spread your child’s weight effectively.

The Calin Bleu is also remarkably light. At around 1lb it is one of the lightest baby carriers available. It folds neatly in your handbag when you are not using it.

The Calin Bleu offers versatile baby carrying position. Many parents use their baby wrap from birth until toddlerhood. You can carry your child on your front, preferably facing you. You can also carry facing forward for shorter periods of time. Once your baby can sit unaided, you can carry him on your hip. When you feel confident, you can also carry your baby on your back.

Although two sizes are available for convenience, the same baby wrap can be used by parents of different sizes. The parent can choose the carrying method that is the most comfortable for their size.

Your baby wrap can be washed and dried with your regular laundry. The wraps are so light that you can wash it in the evening and it will be dry and ready to use in the morning.

And last but not least, Calin Bleu wraps are extremely good value! Soft, comfortable and versatile, everything you need from your baby sling.