Why consider a Boba Baby Carrier?

Boba Baby Carriers at the Natural NurseryThe Natural Nursery is run by a family of babywearers.   The Boba range is one of our favorites. It is a soft structured carrier that distributes the weight of your little one to your shoulders and waist.


Why consider a Boba Carrier?

  1. You want a carrier that you can take on and off in two snaps – This is a huge plus. When you want to go somewhere fast or you have a cranky baby that you want to bring outside it is wonderful.
  2. You only want to buy one carrier – The Boba 3G Carrier can accommodate a baby seven pounds up to a big toddler.
  3. You are not a “wrap person”– You like the look and style of a soft structured carrier and you think you can’t be bothered wrapping your body every time.
  4. You want to carry your baby on your back– You can’t safely carry your baby in a Boba Wrap on your back. If you are into back carries the Boba Baby Carrier is for you.
  5. Your baby is over a year old – Carriers are usually easier and more practical for bigger babies.
  6. You dig the foot straps – You’re dying to know if your toddler will be the one who loves or hates the foot straps.
  7. You love the boldness and spunk that they bring to your presence – Some people like the bold solid colors. Some like the fun new patterns. Dress up or dress down. We have one to fit your personality, and your partner’s too!

Product Description of Boba Carrier

Boba Baby Carrier – these carriers are more like a backpack and are generally designed for older babies and toddlers to be worn on your body’s front or back.The carriers have adjustable webbing so that you can adjust the shoulder straps and the waist belt to desired length. The shoulder straps have a high density foam which provides a little extra comfort. The Boba Carrier was designed to be more “wrap-like”. While no soft structured carrier can quite envelop your little one like a wrap does, the Boba carrier sides are tapered more like wings so that they can better hug your baby. If your baby is above seven pounds and you want to only buy one carrier that will take you from birth to toddlerhood the Boba Carrier is what you want. We do have an infant solution where you can shorten the torso of the carrier so that even a seven pound baby can be carried safely and securely against your chest. The carrier offers excellent leg support for infants with its wide seat. As your baby’s legs turn into longer toddler legs, footstraps provide that extra leg support and give tired legs a place to rest. The Boba Carrier is easy on easy off. After initially adjusting the carrier to your body there is no need to readjust. Nursing is possible with the quick release nursing adjustment buckle. The patterns are gorgeous, one for every style from solid and classic to fun and chic.

Cons of the Boba Carrier…

The Boba needs to be readjusted every time before you put it on if you are sharing it with your partner. With the awesome easy on easy off feature of the carrier comes a small sacrifice in comfort. If you have never tried a wrap you might the carrier might be the most way you have yet found to carry your baby. The truth is that shoulder straps don’t distribute your baby’s weight as well as wide spread fabric does. Yet, most parents can wear the Boba Carrier all day long. Nursing may not be as discreet as in the Boba wrap, but if you layer your shirts and lift up one shirt and pull down the other, no one will even notice. Our copywriter has deemed the Boba Carrier as “washable but not indestructible”. The Carrier can be washed but you’ll probably do more spot cleaning if you want to retain the vibrant colors.

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