Ellaroo Organic Ring Slings – Elegant and versatile babywearing

Ellaroo ring slings at the Natural NurseryEllaroo baby carriers are designed by parents, for parents. The styles are inspired by traditional baby carriers from around the world, while keeping the modern parent in mind. Ellaroo was founded in 2003 as a reliable source of superior baby carriers, and to be an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable business. The product list has grown gradually, always focused on well-crafted designs that are practical and convenient for parents.

The Ellaroo Ring Sling  has an elegant design, with a touch of padding in the shoulder and rails. Lightweight brushed aluminum rings and an open tail combine for maximum adjustability and versatility. They are designed to cup the shoulder and spread naturally over the back, keeping baby secureand close to your centerof gravity.
Perfect for new borns, nursing, and hip carries.

Wearing tips You should hold baby in the position that you and he prefer, and tighten the Ring Sling around him until you can remove your arms without losing the position.
The most comfortable and secure position for baby is above your waist, snug against your body. Baby will acclimate to the Ring Sling much faster if you walk around while he’s getting used to it.

Care Instructions Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang in a well-ventilated area to dry.
Why use Organically grown Cotton?
• Utilizes natural plant extracts and beneficial insects to control pests
• Maintains the health of the soil and avoids destruction of beneficial organisms
• Does not pose hazards to human health
• Enhances the fertility of the soil through rotational cropping practice