The Ergo baby carrier, a true birth to toddler baby carrier

ergo baby carrierMany baby carriers can be used with more or less success from birth to toddler. The Ergo baby carrier is truly adaptable to you and your baby and can be used from birth until your baby reaches 18kg (40lb).

What is the Ergo baby carrier?

The Ergo baby carrier is a soft structured baby carrier. It is composed of a body, with a belt secured by two clips around the waist. The top two straps are carried like a backpack, around the shoulders. It forms a pocket where the baby can slide in comfortably.

How do I use the Ergo baby carrier from birth?

The infant insert allows parents to use their baby carrier from birth. The shaped cushion holds the baby in an ergonomically correct position. Place the baby in the infant insert and slide him in the Ergo baby carrier.

How do I use the Ergo baby carrier for front carries?

Place the belt of the carrier around your waist and close the buckles at the back. Bring your baby snug against your chest and, holding the baby with one hand, bring the body of the carrier up with the other hand. Still holding the baby, slip one shoulder strap over your shoulder. Swap hands to do the same on the other side. Pull on the straps until your baby feels nice and snug.

Can I use it for back carries as well?

You can use your Ergo baby carrier on your back from the moment your child can sit unaided or whenever you feel confident. Many parents move to back carries when their child is about nine months old. Remember to close the chest strap.

Is the Ergo baby carrier easy to wash?

The baby carrier can be washed by hand or in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. To avoid washing the carrier frequently, the fabric can be protected by the Ergo sucking pads. The pads clip onto the top straps and baby can then chew on the straps to his heart’s content.

The Ergo baby carrier is a sturdy, easy-to-use and comfortable baby carrier. It can be used from birth well into toddlerhood. It can be worn by parents of different sizes and in several carrying positions. It is so sturdy that it can be used again for a younger sibling without showing any significant sign of wear.