The Ergo baby carrier makes new parents’ life so much easier.

ergo baby carrier

ergo baby carrier

Many new parents – and mothers in particular – suffer from the lack of support they find when the baby is born. For the first few days, relatives and friends all come around to see the new baby but after a while, visits space out. In traditional societies, new mothers would be surrounded by their own mother, their sisters, aunts, and younger siblings. Everyone would help look after the new mother and the new baby.

Finding yourself at home with a newborn can feel daunting. How do you manage to put the baby to sleep, feed him, make your own meals? Even taking a shower feels like a luxury of the past.

There is one piece of baby gear that helps a new mother feel as if she had an extra pair of arms: an Ergo baby carrier.

  • The Ergo baby carrier is designed to be used from birth (with the addition of the infant insert) right until toddler-hood.
  • The Ergo baby carrier can be worn on the front, on the hip and on the back.
  • The Ergo baby carrier suits parents of different sizes. Even if mum is tiny and dad is tall, they can share the same baby sling. The optional Ergo waist extender adapts the sling to larger parents.
  • The infant insert is designed so that baby can recline in the baby sling and sleep comfortably. Once the child is older, he can sleep upright. His head will be supported by the sleep hood.
  • It is dad-friendly so dads can carry their baby, put him to sleep in the sling and build a strong bond with their newborn.
  • It is even easy to use for grandparents. Relatives are keen to help with the new baby but they don’t always know how. Showing them how to put on the Ergo baby carrier and go for a walk while mum catches up on some well-deserved sleep is ideal.

Have we mentioned how pretty the Ergo baby carrier is? It sounds frivolous to mention how pretty a baby sling is but it actually matters. When you wear your baby sling day in and day out for months, you want to have a carrier that you enjoy wearing, that suits your wardrobe, and makes you feel good.