The Ergo baby carrier raincover: a clever design to keep baby dry

ergo baby carrier raincover

ergo baby carrier raincover

Autumn is just around the corner and you might wonder how you will protect your baby from the weather when you carry him. Keeping baby warm and dry in winter will be a concern. While they are little, it is easy to zip your coat over them or use a showerproof baby sling.

Once your baby grows, the Ergo baby carrier raincover proves extremely useful. Its clever design allows it to fit over most baby slings. If you are using the cover with an Ergo baby carrier, you can snap the top straps over your carrier’s straps. If you are using it over a different carrier, you can use the two little hooks to attach the straps together behind your neck.

Stretch the raincover over your baby’s back and under her legs so that they are nicely tucked in. Clip the strap behind your back for extra sideways protection.

The Ergo baby carrier raincover is lined with soft micro fleece so that the outer waterproof cover never comes in contact with the child. The large hood is deep enough for a toddler and can be adjusted to fit a baby.

Slip on your own raincoat and you’re ready to brave any weather

Have you tried a babywearing raincover? What did you think? Was it over the Ergo baby carrier or another baby sling? Send us your feedback so we can help even more parents carry their baby comfortably.

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