Tip of the day: Making your Ergo baby carrier more comfortable

ergo-baby-carrier1Liz contacted us about her Ergo baby carrier. Her 8-month old arches his back and leans back when he is in the baby carrier. She was concerned about his comfort. She tried loosening the baby backpack to give him more room but it made babywearing uncomfortable for herself.

Here are a few pointers to use your Ergo baby carrier comfortably.

As a general rule, babies need to be well supported in slings, so although the idea of freedom is great, it can lead to problems as the baby can move too much and as you say makes it hard to carry. Baby should be held snug against yourself.

When you are carrying on your back, at 8 months the best position for the arms is under the straps. This will depend upon each baby/parent but we have found that the vast majority of parents carrying on the back at this stage found that this is the best position for the arms.

It is worth checking how tight the shoulder straps are: the toggle that goes underneath your arms, rather than the chest strap. If this strap is too loose, it could lead to the baby not being as supported as they need to be.

When you place the baby in the Ergo baby carrier, make sure that the baby is seated well at the bottom of the carrier. If need be, ask an adult to grab the top edge of the carrier and pull on it as you bounce gently. This will make sure that the child is deeply seated in the carrier and has as much fabric as possible supporting his back.

As with any baby sling, the baby’s legs should be flexed and wide apart, almost resting on your hips.

Many parents find that a few sessions with an osteopath or a cranial osteopath also greatly helped their child settle in the baby carrier.

“It took me a few tries to adjust my Ergo baby carrier. I experimented with tightening each straps, loosening them, moving the chest strap higher or lower, moving the hip belt higher on my waist or lower on my hips. Once I had found what worked for me, it was incredibly comfortable. I could carry my son for hours without any ache. It was worth experimenting what worked for me”, says Ann.

Here are a few tips. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have more questions. Are you an experienced ‘babywearer’ with advice for other parents? Get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.