Ergo Sport v Ergo Performance Baby Carrier

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Ergo Performance

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Ergo Sport

With so many great Ergo Baby Carrier designs available, I thought it would be a good idea to explain the differences between the Ergo Sport and the Ergo Performance.


Both the Sport and the Performance are more rugged looking than the standard Ergo Baby sling and will appeal to dads and active parents.

The Sport features a matt black body and straps with feature white stitching and poppers for the sleep hood, giving it an urban styling.  New to the Ergo fold is the blue colourway with darker blue stitching and black poppers.

The Performance comes in grey and green colourways and has a more sporty, active look.


The Ergo Performance Baby Carrier is approximately 1/3 lighter than the original Ergo and the Sport, making it ideal to wear all day.


The Grey Ergo Performance has an outer shell made of 98% polyester and 2% Lycra and the Green Performance has a 70% nylon and 30% cotton outer.  Both colourways have a cooling panel and mesh lining to help keep you and your baby dryer and more comfortable.

The Ergo Sport Baby Carrier is made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester.


Both the Performance and the Sport have waist straps that extend 25” to 48”, larger than the original Ergo.  The waist extension can be used with the Ergo Sport, but not with the Performance.

The Sport has shoulder straps than can extend to 27” whereas the Performance extend to 23”.

Shoulder Straps

The new Ergo Performance has shaped straps, contoured to make then follow the shape of your chest.  They are thinner than on other Ergos, and have a non-water-absorbent foam for padding.

Chest Strap

The Performance Ergo Carrier has a sliding chest strap for easy adjusting.

Sleep hood

On the Sport, the sleeping hood can be fully detached (it is fixed on with poppers).  The hood on the Performance is attached and can be fully tucked away in the zippered pocket.