Gorgeous Adjustable Pouch Hotslings in stock at the Natural Nursery

Say bye bye to sizes and hello to the infinitely adjustable pouch (AP) from Hotslings! Two strategically placed buckles allow the AP to fit comfortably on multiple users while also easily accommodating postpartum body changes.

This sling can be used safely to cradle carry, front carry and hip carry.
Each Hotslings print is a one of a kind, guaranteeing that Hotslings designs will not be found on any other product,

Features & benefits:

  • Wide, sleek shoulder design.
  • Safety label & red arrow to ensure correct wearing.
  • Two strategically placed buckles allow the AP to adjust & fit comfortably most users.
  • Sewn together at one seam creating a safe, continuous loop.
  • The original leg padding found on Hotsling classic Sling returns.
  • Each AP comes packaged in a matching drawstring bag with a minimal, recyclable band. Design to keep the sling as eco-friendly as possible.

For more information about Hotslings or any other type of baby carrier please visit www.naturalnursery.co.uk