Another Great Ergo Baby Carrier Review

This time, you can read the full blog post at

In it Stacey talks about how she finally took the plunge to buy an Ergo Baby Carrier and hasn’t looked back.

“I really like the Moby wrap but I wore Kyler in it the other night for about an hour while we trick-or-treated and I wanted to cry at the end…my back was so sore.  Today I wore him in the Ergo and I’m sold…it was almost like he was a tiny little baby…not my 14 pound chunker!  I also stuck Estella in it on my back just to try it out…you really can carry a child in it up to 40 pounds!  I’m glad to finally have a carrier that I can comfortably carry my big boy in …I can’t wait to go for a walk!”

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