Orlando Bloom – babywearing dad

Orlando Bloom carries baby in Ergo Baby Carrier

Photo from Daily Mail

As if dads needed any more encouragement to be hands on and carry their baby in a sling…

More and more dads are finding out how wonderful it is to carry their baby in a baby sling – it is such a lovely way of bonding with your baby and giving mum some time to herself.

This wonderful picture of Orlando Bloom wearing his 5 week old baby in an ErgoBaby Baby Carrier just shows how easy it is for new dads to be hands on and enjoy some cuddle time with their newborn.

The photo, published in the Daily Mail, shows Orlando Bloom walking confidently with his baby, prior to enjoying lunch with Miranda Kerr.

It is great to see a national paper publishing such a positive parenting story, but I do wish that they hadn’t commented upon the new mother’s figure.

The ErgoBaby Carrier is available for sale at The Natural Nursery, with prices starting from £89.95 and £107.95 for the organic cotton Ergo Carrier as worn by Orlando Bloom.