Performance Baby Carrier – Customer Review

ErgoBaby Performance CarrierThe new ErgoBaby Baby Carrier Performance has proved so popular that we are selling out on pre-orders before each delivery arrives!

As well as the exceptional comfort for both you and baby and ergonomic design to promote safe babywearing, the Ergo Performance has some great additional features:

  • Lighter weight, breathable fabric for extended babywearing or summer use
  • Curved, thinner straps for extra comfort
  • Streamlined, sporty design
  • Longer waist belt

We are not surprised that the Performance Ergo Carrier is receiving such great reviews from our customers, like this one received this week:

“This is a great carrier I walk for a hour to two hours a day (we have a very mad dog) this means I can carry my 3 month old with out any back ache and the infant insert makes it very warm and  – a really good buy !”