Save £20 on a Napsack Baby Carrier

napsack baby carrierThe Napsack baby sling is an easy to use baby sling in the Asian style – it ties with straps so simply adjusts to fit both parents.

As a new parent, you will want to keep your baby close in the first few months of his life yet you need your hands free as life goes on. This is where a well-made and well-fitted baby carrier like Napsack baby carrier comes in. Inspired by asian baby carriers, it has been redesigned to suit modern parents.

This baby sling is suitable for use from birth to around 2 1/2 years and can be used for front and back carries.

Until the end of October, we have £20 off the Napsack baby carrier, bringing the price down to £45.99, a saving of 30%.  Plus you will still earn 45 loyalty points!

I loved this style of sling and carried my daughter in one until she was over 2 years old.