Sling Sale

Hippy chick hip seatThese cold wet days just make you want to snuggle up warm with your baby and what better way to do it than a baby sling?  You can cuddle to your heart’s content, keep you both warm and dry under your coat or umbrella and still get on with all those things you need to do.

To make buying your baby carrier even easier, we have reduced some of the most popular slings around.

The Wilkinet baby carrier is one of the most popular in the UK and has been loved by thousands of parents and babies.

We have taken 20% off the price, reducing a standard Wilkinet baby sling to just £35.16.

We have just a few stretchy jersey Tri-cotti slings left, now reduced to half price, at £22.47, making them one of the lowest cost slings on the market today.

Also reduced are the Hippychick Hipseats – fantastic for when you have toddlers who can’t decide if they want to walk or be carried.  Now with 25% off, reduced to £28.12.

Finally, we have £20 off the Napsack Baby Carrier, bringing them down to £45.99 each, making this a great value birth to toddler sling suitable for both mums and dads.