Testing Baby legs has been brilliant.

baby legs baby leg warmersSo says our latest product tester, who tried out a pair of Baby Legs baby leg warmers on her two children, aged 11 months and 3 years.

Here is what Emma had to say:

My baby boy Harry is 11 months, and I find since his crawling around his knees are always getting sore and red. Plus his little legs are always freezing.

Testing Baby legs has been brilliant.

We have used them for just over a week at the moment bar the 1 day they were in the wash.

They are fantastic. They have kept his legs warm, and although they resemble something a girl would wear, boys can easily get away with them.

They are super soft, and despite me thinking they would roll down while being worn, they actually didn’t.
I would give this product 10 out of 10.

My daughter who is nearly 3 has also managed to test them and gave them the thumbs up.

Emma tested a pair of Baby Legs for us – they are available from The Natural Nursery website, priced at £7.99.

baby legs baby leg warmers fit the whole family