Wilkinet: the story of a baby carrier

wilkinet-8The Wilkinet story started in the 1970s with Sally Wilkins. As many mums, Sally couldn’t find a comfortable baby carrier so she set out to adapt the one she had with her first child. As years went by, she refined her design with the help of her eight children.

She also received the help of Deirdre Mackay, the then chairwoman of the NCT Technical Committee. A mum, physiotherapist and antenatal teacher herself, Deirdre helped Sally improve the design of the baby carrier:

A baby carrier should not let the baby dangle by the crouch through leg holes. Mothers around the world know that a wrap or a shawl has to support the baby under its bottom and transfer the weight to the parent’s body. There should be no ‘leg holes’ to suspend the baby.

The prototype of the Wilkinet baby carrier was born.

[The baby carrier] I had come up with suited my need for hands-free comfort while completely supporting my baby, holding him snugly and securely, wrapped onto me, not “hanging off” my shoulders”, says Sally.

The Wilkinet was soon subjected to various tests and awarded their black and white triangle for good design by the Design Council in London.

Everything from the cutting out and making up to despatch all happened from the family’s kitchen table in North West Leicestershire and later Pembrokeshire.

Sally’s grandchildren, the next generation of Wilkinet babies, are all still carried in Wilkinet from the moment they are born.

It’s no surprise that the Wilkinet baby carrier has been chosen by mums for many years, recommended by many organisations concerned with the welfare of mums and babies. The only way to find out is to try one. Order your Wilkinet today.