Wilkinet, a baby carrier with no buckles?

wilkinet-5The Wilkinet is a fairly unique baby carrier on the market. Thanks to its clever design, the Wilkinet is as easy to use as a standard baby carrier and as comfortable as a baby wrap. That is no doubt why it has been so popular for almost 30 years. The gently padded straps supports the baby’s weight and spread it evenly across the parent’s shoulders, back and hips.

Why does the Wilkinet have no buckles, clips or zips?

The advantage of buckles, clips and zips is that they allow you to put on your baby carrier quickly.When Sally Wilkins designed the Wilkinet, she experimented with buckles but could never get the same level of comfort than you can achieve with tie-on straps. The wraparound tying method allows to spread the baby’s weight evenly across the parent’s body for all parents, no matter what your size, your body shape, height. Each parent is able to adjust the baby carrier exactly as they wish. This makes a big difference when you carry a child for hours, when you already suffer from back problems, or have a chunky baby.

The Wilkinet holds the baby in the way a baby wrap would, but with more streamlined straps. With its wide gently padded shoulder straps and unique wraparound method of tying the Wilkinet ensures the baby is held snugly and firmly with its weight evenly distributed.

Click here to view the set of instructions to learn to put on your Wilkinet easily and comfortably.