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Car Seat Crying

Car Seat Crying By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of the “No-Cry Solution” book series   Some babies fall asleep almost before you’re out of the driveway, but others won’t spend five happy minutes in their car seats. Usually, this is because your baby is used to more freedom of movement and more physical attention than you can provide when she’s belted into her seat. Hearing your baby cry while you are trying to drive is challenging. Even though it’s difficult to deal with, remember that you and your baby’s safety are most important ...
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The Volcano Effect: Why Skipping a Nap Results in Meltdown

The Volcano Effect: Why Skipping a Nap Results in Meltdown By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of The No-Cry Nap Solution From the moment your child wakes in the morning he is slowly using up the benefits of the previous night’s sleep. He wakes up totally refreshed, but as the hours pass, little by little, the benefits of his sleep time are used up, and an urge to return to sleep begins to build. When we catch a child at in-between stages and provide naps, we build up his reservoir of sleep-related ...
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Shifting Schedules – When to Change from Two Naps to One Nap

Shifting Schedules – When to Change from Two Naps to One Nap  By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of The No-Cry Nap Solution During the early years of life, nap schedules are in a continuous state of change. After a newborn period of all-day napping, babies eventually settle into a regular two-nap-a-day routine. Most children switch from these two daily naps to one nap sometime between the ages of 12 and 24 months. However, that year of difference is a very long span of time. This shows that age alone is not ...
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Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

Book Description Every parent would happily give up ever scolding, punishing or threatening if she only knew how to ensure that her toddler/child/teen would thrive and act responsibly without such painful measures. Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves is the answer to this universal wish. It is not about gentle ways to control a child, but about a way of being and of understanding a child so she/he can be the best of herself, not because she fears you, but because she wants to, of her own free will. "Aldort's book ...
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The Father’s Home Birth Handbook – Leah Hazard

Review The Father's Home Birth Handbook successfully bridges continents, cultures, and even genders. This book is well written and enjoyable, thorough and highly relevant. It is an important read for all parents, no matter where they may think they want to give birth. --Patrick Houser, author of the Fathers-to-Be Handbook A quite brilliant book. --Annalisa Barbieri in The Independent Fathers' stories often get lost in the torrent of birth literature, so Hazard's book is a lovely change of pace. The book not only spotlights men's stories, but also points out ...
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Childbirth without Fear: The Principles and Practice of Natural Childbirth

Review The most influential birthing book of the last 100 years.--Fit Pregnancy Ina May Gaskin, author of Ina May's Guide to Childbirth A brilliant, courageous classic. The Practicing Midwife, January 2006 A fascinating read ... for all those seeking to pursue childbirth as a normal physiological process. Michel Odent's foreword is excellent. Product Description Over 40 years ago, this pioneering doctor introduced his philosophy of childbirth education--now known as natural childbirth. His modern classic, which has sold more than 200,000 copies in hardcover and trade paperback editions, has been revised ...
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