5 Essential Baby Buys From Nursing Pillow to Baby Sling

iStock_000005768697XSmallMagazines upon magazines present pregnant mums with a long shopping list for the new baby. While you may not need everything on the list, choosing the new baby’s essential buys carefully can make your life much easier. So what do you truly need for a new baby?

A baby sling is in the opinion of mums who have tried one, the most essential buy for a new mum (and dad!). Newborns need to be held for the first few months of their lives and carrying them is often the most convenient to go places or get anything done around the house. A well made baby sling allows parents to carry their baby comfortably, have their hands free and provide the child with the attention he needs.

A well fitted breastfeeding bra. There may be no need to buy a maternity bra and a breastfeeding bra. Most breastfeeding bras can be worn during pregnancy. The wide straps and soft fabric provide optimum support during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. A good quality breastfeeding bra will be durable and good value. Breastfeeding bras are now available in gorgeous designs and colours.

A nursing pillow may not seem like an obvious essential buy but it provides pregnant and breastfeeding mums the support they need. A nursing pillow can be used during pregnancy to sit or sleep more comfortably. Once the baby is born, it can be used to support the baby’s weight during breastfeeding or bottle feeding. When baby is about to sit unaided, the breastfeeding pillow can be placed behind the child’s back.

It may seem trivial to mention breast pads but any new mum knows that leaky breasts can make a mum feel very self-conscious. Choosing good quality breast pads – either disposable or reusable – and buying plenty is essential.

Before baby is born, it is wise to stock up on healthy snacks. The first few weeks as a new mum are exhilarating but can also be exhausting. Healthy, hearty meals are a good way to sustain energy levels. Babies seem to have a sixth sense to need a feed right when mum was about to eat her own meal, so healthy snacks will be handy.

We’d love to hear from you. What were the essentials you used for your new baby?