The benefits of breastfeeding, a nursing mother’s story

Benefits of breastfeeding

Benefits of breastfeeding

Sharon sent us her breastfeeding story and is happy to share it with other nursing mothers.

Choosing to breastfeed my daughter was the best decision I ever made. Knowing that I am giving her exactly what she needs is most satisfying. The benefits of breastfeeding are immense, it is free, it’s all natural. It is just as nature intended. The composition of breast milk changes throughout the feed and as she grows to give her exactly what she needs. If I get ill, my breast milk also contains the antibodies necessary to help her fight the infection.

Among all the benefits of breastfeeding, there is one that the studies will never be able to measure exactly: it’s the close connection between mother and baby. What makes those moments so special, when it is just me and her, and she is looking into my eyes as she feeds away, in those moments the rush of love I feel is immense.

I know that nursing her has helped me develop a close and loving bond with my baby.

I am glad I made this choice, as nothing comes close to those few minutes we get to share every day in each others company.