celebrate the launch of a new Site: Breastfeeding Naturally & win £100 gift voucher



Help other mums breastfeed their babies and win a £100 gift voucher! We all take comfort in support from mums around us and knowing that other women have been there before us can make a big difference. Tell us your breastfeeding story and share it with other mums. If you can, send us a photo as well.

We look forward to sharing your experiences. Whether you found it easy or struggled, whether you stayed at home or went back to work and continued breastfeeding, whether you had support from your partner, travelled a lot, had older children to keep happy, breastfed your toddler… Share your stories.

Your breastfeeding stories will be published on our new website Breastfeeding Naturally. Breastfeeding Naturally will launch in a few weeks, bringing mums in the UK everything they need to breastfeed their babies successfully.

Send your stories to competition@naturalnursery.co.uk before November 7th. The winner will be drawn at random among the entries. To be entered, stories will be 150 words minimum and include a note to say you agree to see your story (and photo if applicable) published.