Breastfeeding in public, is it that difficult?

breastfeeding in public

breastfeeding in public

“Excuse me madam, were you about to nurse your baby?” asked the waiter.
“Oh no, here we are!” I thought

I was in a restaurant with our families and my 2-month old son. Friends had told me stories of how nursing mothers had been harassed when they were breastfeeding in public and asked to leave or cover up. I was fully expecting a negative comment when the waiter continued:

“Would you like a more comfortable chair?” the waiter continued.
“Oh!….yes, thank-you”, I was dumbfounded.

After changing my chair, he brought me a complimentary decaffeinated coffee and some chocolates. Talk about VIP treatment!

Fay sent us this story when her little boy was 7 months old and still happily breastfed.

Breastfeeding a baby is hard work, it takes determination, patience and perseverance so such warm welcome and recognition of their commitment to their children is always very much appreciated. Every time someone smiled to me or offered me a seat while I was breastfeeding my babies, it warmed my heart and left me smiling for the rest of the day, no matter how tired I was.

So if you come across a breastfeeding mother, don’t sigh and turn your head straight away. Look at her in the eyes, smile then turn your head! She is not doing anything illegal, she is feeding her child the way nature intended, the way that guarantees the best start in life for her baby. What would you prefer in the bus? A screaming baby? Or a contented baby snuggled up against his mum? Most likely you’ve come across dozens of nursing mothers before and never noticed them.

In the name of my fellow nursing mothers, we thank you for your support.