Why use a breastfeeding shawl?

breastfeeding-shawlMany breastfeeding mums are happy  to breastfeed just about anywhere and in all circumstances. For them the very idea of a breastfeeding shawl is confusing. Why would you need one? “If my breastfeeding offends you, just put a blanket over your head” says a series of messages going around Facebook and other social networking websites. I write from Scotland mums have a legal right to breastfeed in public. In nearly 5 years of breastfeeding my children, I have breastfed in many places and never received a negative comment, only smiles and nods. Sometimes a giggle when the person sitting across from me didn’t realise there was a baby hiding in the sling, only the gurgling sound gave it away! One day, breastfeeding my two-year-old in an overcrowded train got the ticket inspector to find me a seat in first class.

So why would you need a breastfeeding shawl?

Not everyone is comfortable breastfeeding in public and having a shawl to give yourself some privacy feels reassuring.

Even if you don’t mind breastfeeding in public, it may make some people around you more uncomfortable. Maybe you don’t mind, maybe you do and that’s fine too. If it helps make parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends more supportive of your breastfeeding then it may be worth it.

breastfeeding shawl will also make breastfeeding more comfortable as it protects you from the cold. It allows you to see clearly how your baby is latched on while respecting your privacy. This might be important when your baby is a newborn and you need to check that the latch is optimal.

It also creates a quiet space for babies with less stimulation. Some babies are easily distracted by sounds and light, the breastfeeding shawl will help isolate them slightly from what’s going on around them.

Breastfeeding shawls are well designed and convenient to use to breastfeed your baby, whether you’re in the house or out and about.

What makes a breastfeeding shawl different from any other scarf is that it has a weight in one corner which will help the shawl stay in place. Your hands are free, you can rest, eat a biscuit, hold your baby, drink some water, read a book to your toddler…

A great present for a new mum.