Breastfeeding Tea can help afternoon milk slump.

Breastfeeding Tea at the Natural Nursery

Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby but it can be stressful and exhausting. Not drinking enough or drinking and eating the wrong things may affect your milk production and your baby’s digestion. Neuner’s organic Nursing tea is made from a premium mixture of organic herbs and is specifically blended to support breastfeeding mothers.
Natural Nursery customer said the tea was ‘perfect’ and that it is  ‘wonderful tasting tea that definatly helped my afternoon milk slump’.

Nursing tea or breastfeeding tea has been used by breastfeeding mothers for hundreds  of years to help nurture and support them during this important stage. Interestingly the Greek physicians Hippocrates and Dioscorides recommended fennel to increase the flow of milk in breastfeeding mothers. 

Today also fenugreek seeds are known to increase milk supply. Fennel, caraway and aniseed will also help to unwind and relax both mother and baby.

Along with advice on correct positioning, frequent nursing and a healthy lifestyle Neuner’s organic Nursing tea can help to quickly increase breastmilk supply and is a soothing and relaxing drink.

Neuner’s organic Nursing tea (breastfeeding tea): 

  • has beneficial effects for mother and baby
  • helps promote a healthy lactation
  • is caffeine free
  • has no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)
  • is pleasant to taste
  • uses tried-and-tested herbs
  • is 100% natural and organic
  • contains no menthol

Ingredients: Aniseed, fennel, verbena, caraway, (11%) fenugreek seeds
Organically grown herbs, 100% natural, no added flavourings, sugar and caffeine free
20 seal-wrapped tea bags (total of 40g)

If you are worried about your milk production, we recommend that you seek advice from your health-visitor or lactation consultant.