Breastfeeding Tea Review

nursing tea to boost milk supplyNursing Tea Product Review

Kate Richer
Oscar 13 months
Marks: 8/10

Around my sons first birthday he dropped some milk feeds in the day and started to drink water and take snacks instead. My supply adjusted accordingly, however I found in the evenings and the night when he wanted to feed the most, he would empty a breast quickly and become fussy, leaving me having to frequently change sides. A nursing tea seemed like a great solution for this.

The first thing I noticed about this tea was how strong the Aniseed smelt, in fact the tea tastes rather mild, but if you are not keen on Aniseed you won’t like this tea as it’s a predominant flavour. Neuner recommend you drink 1 litre (about 2 cups) of breastfeeding tea for 2-3 days. I found for my tastes the tea was not quite strong enough, probably because it contains no artificial flavours. I preferred to leave the bag in until the tea was almost cold and drink the cup down quickly, which suited me fine, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the taste.

On the evening of the 1st day there was a definite improvement in milk supply, we managed feeds without changing sides again, of course it’s impossible to say if this was due to my own body adjusting supply or the tea, but the research into fenugreek suggests it works quickly so I believe the tea had a lot to do with it. After 3 days I discontinued using the tea as suggested, and my supply remained high and even 5 days later is still improved.

I have given this tea 8/10, it only lost marks because I did not enjoy the taste, the benefits of the tea are many, it’s suggested that fennel, caraway and anise can relieve colic and wind, but Oscar is a bit too old now for me to confirm that. I think I would definitely use this tea again if I needed a slight boost in supply.

The product tested is the Nursing Tea, available from The Natural Nursery, priced at £4.95 for 20 bags.