Neuners Breastfeeding Tea “A boost to you and your milk supply”

Neuners Nursing tea at the Natural Nursery

Neuner’s Breastfeeding Tea is a traditional herbal tea made from organic ingredients, including fenugreek seeds and fennel.

Along with advice on correct positioning, frequent nursing and a healthy lifestyle, it can help to quickly increase your breastmilk supply and is a soothing and relaxing drink for you.

Winner of Best of the Best, Best Breastfeeding Tea and Best Range in the TIPS Parent tests.


  • 20 bags, seal-wrapped for freshness
  • Each bag contains 2g, giving a total of 40g
  • 100% organic, naturally grown ingredients
  • Each tea bag makes around .5 litre of tea
  • Herbal nursing teas have been used by generations of breastfeeding mothers to support and nurture them
  • Sugar and caffeine-free

Fenugreek seed are known to support a healthy lactation. Fennel, caraway and anise are pleasant for both mother and baby and may help to relieve colic and wind.

Natural Nursery customer Anouska said

“I have used this tea from early on breastfeeding and it has always given me a boost when I need it.  It keeps me hydrated and has a refreshing taste.
I see a difference in my milk supply within 2 – 3 days of drinking this around 3 times a day. I just use it when I feel I have a low supply through tiredness or when I am a bit dehydrated.
I would and have recomended this to other people. 23/07/2011″