Christina’s Breastfeeding Story – Using a pump helped me get back to work.

“Using a double electric breastpump allowed me to return to work and continue breastfeeding”

Breastpump for working mothersMy son was born on March 21st 2009. I breastfed him from the start. It was a little difficult at first. He had a good latch and a great suckle reflex. The only problem was that he wasn’t far enough on the breast. Of course, I didn’t know that. I let him nurse whenever he wanted for as long as he wanted (of course, with in reason because new babies love nursing). My nipples hurt, became dry and bled. I used lanolin (a life saver) and my own breast milk to heal the nipples. (only took a day!)

We saw the lactation consultant within 3 days of giving birth and she showed me what I was doing wrong. After that moment, everything was perfect! I love nursing him. He always put his hands in his mouth right before we tried to nurse. So we swaddled him until he understood to keep his hands away from his mouth while nursing. It worked very well and relieved some of the stress I felt when he was small.

I did go back to work at 6 weeks. It was a bit of a relief. Staying home with him and Daddy was kinda hard. I was use to working and not being home all the time. So we bought a breast pump. (double electric breastpump, best thing I have ever purchased) I pumped 4 times a day. After a long night of not nursing (he slept through the night at 3 weeks) and 3 times at work. It was quite easy because I changed jobs. I use to work in a shipping warehouse full of germs and dirt. I now work in an office with a private office to pump in. I soon became very consistent about pumping and nursing and my supply flourished. Using an electric breastpump allowed to express so much breast milk that we bought a separate deep freezer forĀ storing breast milk.

I am military and I received word I was going to deploy. I was relieved to know I had such an extra supply of breast milk. However, due to complications from giving birth (4th degree tear) I wasn’t able to deploy. (He would have been 8 months when I left and I wouldn’t return until he was 18 months) So I decided to donate the breast milk to someone else. I found another military couple who had twin preemies who couldn’t tolerate formula. She was still nursing them but she only had enough for one full-term baby. I gave her the majority of my ‘extra’ milk and she let me know how much better her babies are doing. (Less spit-up, less gas, and gaining weight) I was so happy that storing breast milk helped other babies thrive.

I am still nursing him full time and he is doing so well. Everyone says how happy he is all the time and how smart. Breast feeding REALLY makes a huge difference.