Customer Product Review – Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads

Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads

These breast pads do exactly what it says on the box.  I have used many types of breast pads, including reusable, with all 3 of my babies and these are the best ones yet.

I always leak while feeding and usually end up flooding the breast pad so often need to change the breast pad during a feed to avoid having soggy clothes but I didn’t need to with these as they are “ultra” absorbent like it says on the box. When I took them out at nighttime they still weren’t soggy with milk and kept my skin and clothes dry.

They are very thin and discreet, even under tight clothing. They sat snug in my bra and couldn’t be seen through my clothing. The 2 strong adhesive strips kept the pads firmly in place with no movement. This is great while feeding because I didn’t have to fish the pad out of the bottom of my bra after a feed, I just clipped my bra back up and the pad was still stuck to the cup so didn’t require any adjusting. Brilliant for out and about discreet feeding in public.

Also they are hygienically/individually wrapped which makes them so convenient to store in my changing bag without getting damaged by the other debris in my changing bag.

Overall, these are the best breast pads I have used while breastfeeding my babies. I love that they are individually packed so if you need to you can just change one at a time and they are protected in your bag.
I also love that they have double adhesive – no more fishing about for a soggy detached breast pad!! Brilliant!!

J.F, March 2011