Customer Review – Medela Swing electric pump

As it is breastfeeding week this customer review for the Medela Swing Electric Pump is a perfect review for us to share with you:

We bought this pump in the first week of our baby’s life after he was diagnosed with severe jaundice. Because of his condition we had to top up after breastfeeding with formula- something we hadn’t  intended to do! Once our sons condition had improved we were able to top up with expressed breast milk using this pump and I am now back to 100% breastfeeding. It was a complete life saver!
I would recommend this pump to anyone, its natural sucking rhythm and adjustable strength of suck is really gentle, even for a first time mum like me! I didn’t find it painful to use.

It’s easy to get started and can be battery powered or powered on mains electric. Most importantly it gave us the opportunity to feed our son in the way we wanted to against the odds.

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