Dads and Breastfeeding Video

Dads supporting breastfeedingA great new video has been produced by Gaby Jeffs from Magneto Films, talking candidly to lots of fathers about how their babies were fed.

It is wonderful to see how positive and supportive the dads have been – they all talk confidently about the benefits of breastfeeding, such as fewer illnesses, the ease of breastfeeding, no need to buy expensive formula and no running out in the middle of the night.

Some dads talked about how the whole nursing process brought the family closer together and how daddies can find lots of ways to bond with their baby that don’t include bottle feeding.

A very inspiring video and certainly one for showing how ordinary dads see breastfeeding as a normal and very beneficial start in life for their new baby.

You can watch the filmĀ on the Magneto website at