Choosing an electric breast pump

Choosing an electric breast pump when your baby isn’t even born yet can feel daunting. However, having it handy may turn out to be a great help if breastfeeding isn’t going as smoothly as anticipated in the first few weeks.

Using an electric breast pump can help new mums avoid engorgement or mastitis. The first thing to check is that your baby is latched on well. This is essential to stimulate lactation, avoid sore nipples and ensure your new baby is getting all the milk he needs. Your first point of call should be your midwife, your health visitor, a local breastfeeding support group, or a breastfeeding counsellor. Expressing breast milk manually or with a manual or electric breast pump will allow you to ‘empty’ the breast, thereby reducing the risk of engorgement.

An electric breast pump is also useful for new mums who are trying to increase their lactation. There can be many reasons why lactation isn’t starting off as desired. Expressing breast milk can help you get things started, or maintain your lactation if you happen to be separated from your baby for a few hours or days.

Mums of pre-term babies or babies with a low birth weight find that a double electric breast pump allows them to start breastfeeding their babies with a cup or a tube before breastfeeding is properly established. In those cases, breast milk helps babies gain weight faster.

We have selected breast pumps that are easy to put together and easy to use. The last thing you need when you are a busy mum is to take out the instruction leaflet every time you need your electric breast pump. Or worse, finding out that the suction isn’t working because you forgot a piece. The breastpumps at Natural Nursery have been selected for breastfeeding mothers who need an electric breast pump that works easily and efficiently and generally makes their lives easier.