Emina’s breastfeeding story: how lack of breastfeeding support affects babies


Breastfeeding at the Natural NurseryI was really looking forward to breastfeeding my first daughter through all my pregnancy, and was preparing for it from the beginning. At the birth of my baby girl I was overwhelmed with a feeling I just can’t find the words for. It was love at first sight. She was very aware of everything around her, so she slowly crawled up my belly and found my breast all alone and we nursed for the first time. We started off very well.
But after a while, when we came home (I live with my in laws) I was really stressed out and couldn’t find some peace and quiet, and even started feeling depressed. My milk supply was reduced, and although I tried really hard, after 3 months, our breastfeeding was over. That made me really sad and helpless. I promised myself that if we had other children, I would not let anything interfere with my breastfeeding babies.

And soon I got another chance but this time it was even harder in beginning. My baby boy just couldn`t latch on correctly, so my breasts were really painful. I tried and tried to get him right everytime, but it wasn`t getting better, and after a month and a half, when I almost gave up, things started getting better. I was finally starting to enjoy our connection while breastfeeding.

He is a 1 year old now and we were breastfeeding right up to his birthday-which was a few days ago. He suddenly weaned when I started working and he started going to a daycare center, and he didn`t accept it well. He is still cranky and under a lot of stress, so I think that is to blame. I am really blessed to have been able to breastfeed him for a whole year. Breastfeeding babies is hard work but I am so glad that I didn`t give up!

Emina from Slovenia