Another Great Reason to Breastfeed

Premature babies given donated milk have a better chance of survival

Picture on the BBC Site

“If a sick or premature baby is given donor milk instead of formula its chances of survival can increase up to ten times.”

This quote is actually taken from an article on the BBC Oxford website about the amazing Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers motorbike riders that help move vital medical suppies around Oxfordshire.

The John Radcliffe Hospital think that the ability to give donated breastmilk to premature or tiny babies is so important, that the motorbikes have stepped up to the mark and will transport the frozen milk from the donating mother to the hospital.

Just goes to show that breastfeeding really is the best start in life for any baby.

You can read the full BBC article here and the BBC also have some articles about SERV and the breastfeeding clinic at the John Radcliffe Hospital.