The Guide To The Medela Swing Breast Pump

Medela SwingMedela has been manufacturing breastfeeding support aids for more than thirty years. Their extensive research into breastfeeding has led to the development of products that are easy to use, reliable and of a consistently high quality. The Medela Swing is a good example of this search for quality.

The Medela Swing breast pump is simple to use. It is composed of few parts: the motor, the connecting tube, the two-part valve system, the breast shield and the breast milk storage bottle. The valve is small and easily lost, so your Medela Swing comes with a spare one.

You can use the bottle for breast milk storage or buy additional breast milk storage bags.

The motor and connecting tube don’t come in contact with breast milk so they only need to be wiped clean. The rest of the Medela Swing can be easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilising. Putting it back together is easy provided that you fit the valve the right way around, as it is essential to create the vacuum necessary to express the breast milk.

The motor has four settings: “on/off”, “+” (increase suction), “-” (decrease suction) and “Switch to Phase 2”.

“Switch to Phase 2” is part of the Medela Swing’s innovative two-phase suction, which is designed to mimic the baby’s natural breastfeeding. At first, the suction is fast and shallow, like a hungry baby when it’s first put to the breast. When you feel the letdown, you can switch the Medela Swing breast pump to the second setting. It slows down with a deep, slower suction, again, similar to a baby’s feeding rhythm. Of course, it doesn’t feel exactly like when the baby is breastfeeding, but it aims to come as close to it as possible. If you forget to switch to the second setting, the pump switches automatically after a few minutes.

Although the first setting can seem fast, it is actually gentle and doesn’t cause discomfort. Many breastfeeding mums have reported being able to express breast milk quicker with the Medela Swing than with other types of breast pumps.

The Medela Swing is compact enough to be used outside the house. It can be used on the mains or with batteries (4xAA). It comes with a carrying pouch. This portability is convenient for working mums. You can take it home in the evening to use it, clean it properly and sterilise it.

Among all breast pumps, the Medela Swing is fairly quiet so it can be used at work. Remember that your employer has a legal obligation to provide breastfeeding mothers with a private room for expressing breast milk.

The Medela Swing is not the cheapest breast pump on the market, but it is very good value. Its efficiency and reliability mean that you will be able to use it for a long time. It is preferable to buy a good-quality breast pump upfront, than to buy a cheap one that doesn’t suit your needs.

All in all, the Medela Swing is an excellent breast pump: it is compact, efficient and comfortable. Medela has been supporting breastfeeding mothers for more than thirty years, listening to their needs and designing innovative products to make their lives easier. The Medela Swing is a great buy for all breastfeeding mothers!