Lansinoh breast milk storage bags – “Granny can babysit!”

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags at the Natural Nursery Lansinoh breast milk storage bags have a double safety seal and a handy graduation printed on them so you can easily see how much breastmilk you have expressed.

One Natural Nursery customer said they were “Really useful” and went on to add that they are “really easy to use and the ability to store milk like this has meant that Granny has been able to babysit! Hurrah!” She marked them 5 out of 5! (May 2011)

The bags have a double safety seal and the strip for recording important details such as date and volume of contents is away from the fill area, so there is no risk of bursting the bag when you are filling in the details.

The bags are safe for use in the freezer and have bottom gusset to allow for expansion of the contents when frozen. They also have a simple pour action for removing the contents when you are ready to feed your baby.

The Natural Nursery also stocks breastpumps and nursing bras and has a range of breastfeeding aids including nipple shields.