Spotlight on Medela, supporting breastfeeding mothers since 1961



Before choosing the products to sell in Natural Nursery, we review dozens and dozens of products. We ask breastfeeding mums what they think of the products. Quality, easy of use, design, every aspect is carefully considered.

For breastfeeding mums, we have chosen to carry the Medela breastfeeding products. Medela has been a pioneer in supporting breastfeeding and serving mothers and babies since 1961. Medela actively promotes breastfeeding as the best form of nutrition for babies and young infants.

Breast milk provides baby with all the nutrients they need for the first six months of life and helps them to grow into healthy children. No other milk, food, drink or even water is required. The WHO recommends that children be breastfed at least until 2 year old.

Medela’s products are designed to support a mother’s desire to breastfeed her baby as she wishes. This means helping a mother maintain her milk supply when she is away from her baby either at birth or when she returns to work.

Their research has led to the development of breastfeeding aids that are physiologically correct and are easy to use, reliable and of a consistently high quality.

Extensive research on electric breastpump (University of Western Australia) has developed the 2-Phase Expression® technology (stimulation & expression), the only research-based breastpump that imitates the baby’s natural sucking rhythm, resulting in faster let-down, increased milk flow and reduced pumping time.

Medela is also the only manufacturer who continuously invests a significant share of its profits into medical research on breastfeeding.

The Medela breastfeeding pledge: “We pledge our dedication to breastfeeding as the best nutrition for babies and families. We further pledge that our breastfeeding accessory products and literature shall never be used to influence mothers to switch from breastfeeding to infant formula feeding or to promote artificial baby milk in any way.”