When nipples shields can help breastfeeding

Using nipple shields can help breastfeeding

Using nipple shields can help breastfeeding

When my son was born, I was so happy and really looked forward to being a new mum. In hospital, breastfeeding went well. The nurses would help me latch my son on to me correctly.

When we arrived home, it became much harder as William couldn’t latch on correctly. I became very emotional and felt like a failure because I could not get him positioned.

My sister came over to help and brought some nipple shields. I found these a life saver and with these I could get my son to latch on and take my milk. Gradually I managed to wean my son off from the nipple shields. The nipple shields made breastfeeding in public difficult so I was glad to stop using them and start going out more often.

My son wouldn’t settle when he was lying down so I took him to see a cranial osteopath. She noticed that as he had a trapped shoulder from being delivered by ventouse. This might very well have been the underlying cause for the breastfeeding problems. After a few sessions she relieved his trapped nerve and he became a completely different baby.

William was now contented and would settle much more easily. I wish that I had taken him to Cranium Osteopath when he was only days old. It would have saved William and I a lot of stress and upset from the latching on issues.

William is now 11 months old, and I still breast feed him. I am so glad that I never gave up on trying to breast feed and feel this has helped the two of us share a close bond.

Please note: whilst nipple shields are an excellent way to protect sore and cracked nipples, if the symptoms persist we recommend that you consult your midwife or breastfeeding counsellor as incorrect positioning and/or latch are often the cause of soreness. Using nipple shields for prolonged periods of time can interfere with your milk supply and cause nipple confusion.